3. Five Islands Tour Mar Menor

Departs from: El Pedruchillo, Km.8  from La Manga del Mar Menor

Tour: Classic journey through the calm waters of our beloved unique Mar Menor, along all its islands: Baron , Perdiguera , Deer , Sujeto and Rondella
island.  Also we will travel through the Dos Mares Port, the Pine Tree Cove (Cala del Pino)  and throughout  5 km  of  La Manga.  During the tour you can admire panoramic views across the entire waterfront coast of Mar Menor.  Likewise  we  will tell you the famous local legend of the Russian Princess (Barón Island).

Duration: 1h 50'

Price: 20 €
Children 3-9 years: 14€
Babies 0-2 years: 1€  

Boat: "Solaz" of 45 passengers + 2 crew members. 

Trip subject to a minimum of: 4 adults